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Once you get a taste of sleeping next to someone, sleeping alone in your own bed really sucks.

"She’s all I ever need"

"Another night another day passes with you miles away my heart crys out for you all day. I need you why can’t you see that."

it’s never going to end

All I can say I’m torn apart 💔 I need her arms around me

Third and Fourth night 💔

Last night I decided not to write..
I was actually tired from the pain , I just wanted to sleep. When I wake up , I wait until I can go to sleep again. It’s the worst and the best part of my day. When I finally lay down I cannot stop the memories playing in my head , I love them and the same time I just wanna block them out to sleep. They keep me up night after night..the way she’d hold me to go to sleep or just to cuddle. They way she’d always say I love you before falling asleep and id be almost asleep half the time and id barely even be able to say it back because I was so comfortable almost asleep but id wake up long enough to smile and say it back because I meant it. The way you’d cook me popcorn before bed , getting me something to drink , turn off the lights. I miss that. I miss how you wanted my side of the bed and we would always have a little argument cause I wanted it every night…I should have gave it to you. You say I haven’t lost you but I have in a way you don’t see. I’ve lost’re miles always. The only thing keeping us in contact is texting. I’m used to so much more than that. I felt special because I had you with me everyday. I knew id come home to my beautiful everyday no matter what. Now I don’t have that , I’m not special anymore..I come home to sit and do life alone. You’ve left me in a way I’ve never been left before..I need you. Six months wasn’t long enough ..I want you until my last breath. Living with you showed me life. I had a life everyday. We had a life together. Now we have a life apart but still together at the same time. Together but too far away. You’re miles away from doesn’t have to be like this. Id do anything to have you back. laying here in bed..I need your arms around me. I’m begging you , please..

I wish you cared as much as I do.

"Call me at 4 am, and tell me it’s because you want to hear my voice."
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I wish

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Second night 💔

I want this to be short , but then again I may just keep writing. Crying over and over until I can’t breathe breaks my heart ache. Feeling like I miss her than she misses me is my biggest fear. I don’t wanna lose her. This is harder than the goodbye itself the memories reply in my head. I find myself not being able to eat certain things because she always made them for me. Tonight I got into bed left the light on thinking I was going to let her do it like every other night. I wanna make it I really wanna marry her. I’m lost without her. Until the day I see her again I’ll be a walking zombie. I wanna be alone. I don’t wanna talk to anyone , I don’t wanna do anything but sleep until the day she’s back in my bed. Distance please..this one time don’t get in the way. I’ll do anything to keep her mine , to see her again , to have her smell , just her in my sight I need her. Please distance don’t do this to us.

"I wish you were in this room with me right now. I wish I could put my arms around you. I wish I could touch you."
-Her (2013)